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Female celebrities wearing Rolex watches

Known for their impeccable engineering and aesthetic design, no one can deny that Rolex watches have a certain Allure, and it might surprise you to know how many of your favorite female stars specifically love oversized Rolex watches. The Brand’s name might be why many people, celebrities or otherwise are drawn to this famous brand, but some female celebrities have proven themselves to be true fans. In this article, we don’t just discover some iconic watches but also the A-lister Female celebrities wearing Rolex watches.

From models to reality stars to actresses and comedians. We have a large list of female celebrities and Rolex lovers. Let’s dive into it!


Rihana wearing Rolex Day-Date

This award-winning musician and billionaire entrepreneur own more than one Rolex day-date President watch, which apparently is the watch that world leaders wear and love. That seems about right since she seems to be on track to take over the world with all her businesses. 

Rihana wearing a Rolex Datejust

Rihanna wears her Everose and yellow gold Rolex President watch a lot, but she also wears a two-tone Datejust with mother-of-pearl and Diamond dial. Nothing but amazing!

Jennifer Lopez

Jeniffer Lopez wearing a Rolex Day-Date

Also known as J.Lo, Jeniffer is one of the most famous American singer, actresses, and dancer, that succeeded not in just one, but all of the abovementioned industries. 

The Rolex President Day-Date got its name from Presidents and world leaders wearing them, but Jeniffer Lopez is also known for developing affection towards this model. She was seen multiple times wearing the 40mm white gold anniversary edition, ref 228239.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is the warm and fuzzy celebrity everyone wants to be friends with, and the fact that she loves Rolex shows that. She often wears an understated 904l stainless steel Cosmograph Daytona with a white dial. This watch lets her be approachable while still showing off. She even wears it in a relaxed way with the 40-millimeter watch and oyster bracelet dangling a bit.

Sofia Vergara 

Sofia Vergara wearing Rolex

The funny cheerful Colombian star is a style icon. Many people know her from her role on the TV show “Modern Family“, but she has also become a style icon through her modeling work and various fashion-related sponsorship deals. 

Sofia likes a lot of different things, but Rolex watches are a big one She is one woman who chooses men’s sizes. 

Sofia Vergara wearing Rolex

The Colombian American is thought to have at least three different 40-millimeter Rolex Daytona watches including one with a pink dial made of rose gold and two made of yellow gold. 

Sofia Vergara wearing Rolex

The first of these yellow gold watches has a dial made of black mother-of-pearl and the second has a dial that says Paul Newman tribute in black white and red.

Sofia Vergara wearing Rolex

Even though the Paul Newman tribute Daytona might be the most interesting watch in Sofia Vergara’s collection, she is most often seen wearing a 36-millimeter Rolex Datejust. 

Sofia Vergara wearing Rolex

Yes, it is a men’s size, but the model she specifically likes has a diamond bezel and a white mother-of-pearl dial which makes it look very feminine.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham wearing Rolex

Victoria Beckham became famous as a member of the “Spice Girls“, but she is now just as known as a designer and a fashion icon around the world. Many people are very interested in what she is wears. One of the most common things to see on her wrist is a high-end Rolex watch.

Beckham has a large collection of expensive watches, like Rose gold and Yellow gold Rolex Daytonas. The Yellow gold version stands out more right away, while the Rose gold version looks more delicate and feminine. The case size of both watches is 40 millimeters. 

Victoria Beckham wearing Rolex

Victoria Beckham also has at least two Rolex Day-Date watches. The first is a 36-millimeters model made with all yellow gold with a smooth bezel. 

Victoria Beckham wearing Rolex

The second is a 36-millimeters vintage Day-Date made of yellow gold with an Aqua Green Stella Dial and a diamond bezel. This release from the 1970 is hard to find and has a design that stands out.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone wearing Rolex

This American actress is known for dominating 1990s television. Sharon Stone has been a die-hard Rolex Submariner fan for decades. She has worn the iconic piece longer than most people, long before it became popular for women to wear men’s watches. Should we call her the ultimate trendsetter? No matter how you look at it, Sharon has owned this style since the first time she wore it.

Sharon Stone wearing Rolex

Her black dialed black beveled stainless steel watch is a wardrobe staple.

Emily Ratajowski

Emily Ratajowski wearing Rolex

It seems that lately, the Rolex President is famous among female celebrities and strong personalities, and the English-born American model and actress Emily Ratajowski is not an exception. She was spotted numerous times flashing her Rolex President Day-Date with red and black ombre dial, with red radiating at the center and diamond hour markers.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron wearing Rolex

No one can argue that in acting and film production, the beautiful Charlize ticks all the boxes, and her fashion style proves that she is not just an on-screen star. Rolex is her favorite luxury watch brand and she’s been seen wearing a few different models. One of them was a surprisingly risky choice even for a movie star. 

Charlize Theron wearing Rolex

Theron was seen wearing a Rolex Sea-Dweller deep sea with a black dial and a black bezel at a Los Angeles Lakers game. This is important because the case size of the watch is 44 millimeters, which is very big for most women. Still, she made it work for her by wearing it with a casual shirt and jeans which looked great.

In her collection, she also has a 36-millimeter diameter Rolex Datejust made of stainless steel and a 36-millimeter diameter Rolex Day-Date President made of yellow gold. With this collection, she has a big Diver’s watch that makes a statement, a small dress watch that doesn’t draw attention to itself and a fancy gold watch for special occasions.

Lindsay Lohan 

Lindsay Lohan wearing Rolex

Lindsay Lohan is surprisingly one of the biggest Rolex collectors in Hollywood, both among men and women. Over the years we’ve seen her wear everything, from a classic stainless steel and blue dial 36 millimeter Datejust to a glamorous yellow gold Day-Date President. 

Lindsay Lohan wearing Rolex

She also loves to wear her 40-millimeter two-tone Rolex Submariner with a blue dial and bezel. She even has a 40-millimeter Batman GMT Master II with a beautiful Jubilee bracelet. We’d also love to see what else she has in her collection because we’re convinced that there are many more. 

Jennifer Garner 

Jennifer Garner wearing Rolex

Jennifer Garner is a famous Hollywood actress who is best known for her roles on TV shows like Alias and in movies like Daredevil, Juno, and 13 Going On 30. She is also known for loving Rolex watches. Over the years she has been seen wearing several different models.

Garner is an interesting example of a woman who still likes to wear a smaller, more elegant women’s watch. 

Jennifer Garner wearing Rolex

She is usually seen wearing either a full yellow gold or two-tone Rolex lady Datejust with a 31-millimeter case. The two-tone model she owns has a blue dial that stands out and a fluted bezel. 

Jennifer Garner wearing Rolex

Still, she hasn’t been able to resist the Allure of bigger watches either. In her collection, there is a Rolex Day-Date President that is all yellow gold and has a diamond bezel and diamond hour markers. The model she wears has a 36-millimeter case, which means it is still small enough to look classy.

Elle Macpherson 

Elle Macpherson wearing Rolex

Elle Macpherson earned the moniker of the body for her penchant for wearing oversized men’s models. We already know that many women like to wear 36-millimeter watches to play it safe, but not Macpherson. The Australian model likes to wear a much bigger Rolex. 

In her collection, she has a Rolex Daytona and a Rolex Sky-Dweller.

Elle Macpherson wearing Rolex

The Daytona is 40 millimeters in diameter while the Sky-Dweller is even bigger at 42 millimeters. This means no matter what else she wears, both of these models make a strong statement and stand out.

Elle Macpherson wearing Rolex

Elle Macpherson also seems to like her Rolex watches in a very specific way, both the Daytona and the Sky-Dweller she has been seen wearing have Champagne dials and made of solid yellow gold. This makes them look very similar and gives them a clear sense of style and luxury.

Cardi B 

Cardi B wearing Rolex

The fans love Cardi from her music to her funny comments. Cardi B has won the hearts of many, but our watch collection is something that recently caught our attention. Watch collectors can testify that her collection has grown and changed over the years. Her Rolex Sky-Dweller with an aftermarket diamond bezel caught a lot of people’s attention.

Iced out Rolex

This amazing Rolex watch is already one of the best from the luxury brand, because it has the most complicated movement so far, and adding diamonds just puts it over the top. 

Cardi B wearing Rolex

Cardi also wears a Day-Date President that is made of yellow gold. 

Speaking of complicated movements did you know that all movements by Rolex are assembled by hand?

Each movement in a Rolex watch is put together by hand by skilled watchmakers. In the past Rolex bought movements for some of its models from external sources, today, however, all of its movements are made in-house. This means that all of the movements in Rolex’s modern watches are made by Rolex. When you think about how many watches Rolex makes it’s hard to believe that each movement is put together by hand, however, this shows the high quality and attention to detail that goes into making these watches. We at Perfect Rolex tried to replicate this high-quality standard in our Swiss grade replica Rolex collection, and be sure, we are close as it gets.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston wearing Rolex

Jennifer Aniston is Hollywood royalty. If you don’t believe us just look at how often she wears the crown of luxury watches. The friendly star has been seen wearing her small lady Datejust from time to time but she is best known for wearing bigger Rolex watches.

Jennifer Aniston wearing Rolex

She is known for wearing a black DLC coated 40 millimeter Milgauss, which is rare and cool by anyone’s standards. We love her even more for making this one a surprise for everyone.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres wearing Rolex

People don’t call her the queen of watches in Hollywood for nothing. That is why our top spot goes to comedian and TV host, Ellen DeGeneres. 

Ellen is known for wearing a watch every day, and fans are always on the lookout for today’s watch. 

Ellen DeGeneres wearing Rolex

 On her show most of the time it’s a Rolex from a sporty Cosmograph Daytona or Yacht-Master to a very formal Day-Date.  

Ellen DeGeneres wearing Rolex

She also has a thing for Everose. Both her Day-Date and Yacht-Master watches have black dials and are made with Everose. 

Those are the top female celebrities who love their Rolex, but to be honest, there are more female celebrities who are rocking both casual and elegant looks with Rolex watches on their wrists. 

Rolex Submariner collector’s 101 – [Part 2]

This is the second part of the Rolex Submariner collector’s 101.

The big crown Submariners 6538

The Rolex Submariner 6538 is what a lot of people associate with vintage Big Crown Submariners. There are “Two line” and “Four line” versions. The 4 line has chronometer text on the dial, with various versions and placements of it, sometimes above the depth rating and sometimes below.

The last “Big Crown” 5510

In the 5510 you begin to see some slight differences in the dial versus the 6538 and you see the hash mark bezel from 0 to 15 minutes and the red triangle.

The last no Crown Guards 5508

The 5508 had sort of a wide production swath, we see cases made in ’58 all the way to cases made in ’62, and we see the differences from red triangle mark in ’58 to no red triangle in ’62 and an exclamation point dial that’s supposed to indicate that there’s less radiation coming from the watch.

Start of Crown Guard Era, 5512

With the end of the 5508, we closed the door on the first chapter in the Submariner, the no crown guards chapter, then we get the 5512. The very earliest of the 5512 is what’s called the “square crown guard”.

It was a very distinctive, very industrial purpose-built design and there’s very few known today. A number of these were shaved down what we’ve called Eagle beaks today, where Rolex presumably took a square crown guard watch and shaved it so it was easier to grab the crown and of course Rolex didn’t want to do that with every watch so they switched to this pointed crown guard design.

Very few 5512 with red triangle inserts. They get to the pointed crown guard and they keep that design for a few years.

Once we go to pointy crown guards, then we have the chapter ring and then we make the jump to the four-lined dials. There are also the micro nuances that we see during this time like the neat font style where all the printing is together in the same color.

The more common version is where the superlative chronometer officially certified text is a slightly different color because it was presumably added after. The last 5512 is what we call a maxi dial. The plots are larger, it’s the last run of matte dials and this is a maxi mark 3 lollipop where you see the depth rating changes from the meters first to the feet first toward 1969-1970.

The Submariner has a long history, so we divided this guide into three comprehensive parts. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out first when the second part will be available.

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Rolex Submariner collector’s 101 – [Part 1]

The Submariner was one of the first watches ever purpose-built for diving. In the world of vintage Submariners, we can break history down into four eras:

  • The No Crown Guards Era which ranges from the 6204 to the 5508 and all of the cases with no crown guards.
  • The 5512 which is the Chronometer Crown Guards Era.
  • The 5513 which is the Non Chronometer Crown Guard Submariners Era
  • The 1680 which are Chronometer Certified and have a date

First Rolex Submariner

A lot of people don’t know the first reference that’s recognized by the collector community, which is the 6204. This model has hands that are very different than the Mercedes hour hand we see today, they are called pencil hands. It has a rotating bezel but without hash marks between 12:00 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. The watch dial, however, shows the characteristics we see today, the triangle at 12:00 o’clock and the rectangles at 3, 6 and 9 on a “no date”. So it all started here, this is the smallest crown ever on a Submariner, it’s 5.3 millimeters and this watch also said Submariner on it so this was really the birth of the reference.

Just a year later we get the next model 6205

This is the earliest version of 6205, also with the pencil hands. There are multiple variations within these references. This version does not say Submariner on the dial, neither of these references has depth ratings, the bezel is the same as the predecessor version, and then we also have another version of 6205 this is where we see the famous Mercedes hour hand.

The hands on this one are very long and this is much more of what we see today.

The next watch we have is kind of an outlier of sort because it is a Submariner with an Explorer dial, the 6200 or what some people call the King Sub, and it’s funny because that’s the earliest Submariner reference but we see it come to market later.

It has the “3, 6, 9” dial, this is the first Submariner to have that and also we see the eight-millimeter crown which is of course what makes it most distinguishable. Big crown models are referred to as James Bond’s Submariners. And having one with the small logo like this is much rarer and having any in really good condition is extremely desirable.

The small crown Submariner 6536/1 (1956-1957)

The next group of watches we have is where a lot of people would see and immediately recognize true Submariner, or all the DNA is there, and that’s the 6536/1, also called a small crown Submariner. This feels very similar to the earlier models but it has a depth rating and the dial of 100 meters, no hash bezel, it also has that distinctive white seconds hand.

The last version of 6536/1 is the first model with the hash marks between 0 and 15 minutes, also with a red triangle mark, also with a depth rating.

The Submariner has a long history, so we divided this guide into three comprehensive parts. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out first when the second part will be available.

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Is Rolex better than Omega?

Is Rolex actually better than Omega, or just Rolex’s expert marketing team is brainwashing us? Well, this is an incredibly daunting question, we hear it all the time, “Why is Rolex better than Omega?”, “Is Rolex better than Omega?“, and the much rarer question “Is Omega better than Rolex?“. Let’s focus on Rolex and Omega separately and then we are going to see what “went wrong with Omega” to have Rolex generally seen as being a higher tier. Let’s dive into the question “Is Rolex better than Omega”.

Let’s focus on Rolex

Rolex on paper is actually a much younger company than Omega. Rolex was officially founded in 1920. Early on, Rolex attained some pretty impressive achievements because in 1926, only six years after they were officially founded, Rolex created the proprietary waterproofing system that is the Oyster case with the threaded crown, making Rolex one of the first companies to ever use a threaded crown. Sure, all that really cool technology is impressive, but the best thing Rolex ever did for their company early on was creating a product line and not deviate from it. We’re going to have to forget that the Cellini series was ever a thing because they made way too many of them, kind of what Omega made, and Cellini never was very popular or wasn’t very prominent so we “forget” Rolex Cellini.

For the most part, consistency is key, and Rolex knew that and ever since the 1920s. they’ve created a catalog and they’ve been very stubborn and very rigid and they have not deviated from their products and the consumer base has rewarded them for it.

Nowadays, people complain that Rolex is scared of trying new things, they’re not risky enough, they don’t want to deviate from their catalog, but Rolex is doing this deliberately. They know that this fosters effective communication with their consumer base, people know what they’re getting when they get a Rolex, but most importantly people have a very clear image of what a Rolex is and people know immediately what they want and that’s invaluable to Rolex. Rolex wants that!

So this effective communication, the stubborn rigidity to their catalog, the confidence that their consumer base has with Rolex, all this has allowed them to expand and have the hugest brand equity out of any watch company ever.

Finally the last positive about Rolex is that they’re not controlled by any larger watch company. Rolex is controlled by a family trust technically, so no one really calls the shot except for Rolex, and this is in contrast to Omega.

Let’s take a look at Omega

Omega on paper is a much older company than Rolex, officially founded in 1848. We will start with the fact that Omega has made way too many watches throughout the years. They started in 1800s and they’ve been just churning out reference numbers ever since, having really obscure, random and confusing reference numbers. The unfortunate thing for them is that this is the exact opposite of what Rolex has done for their company.

Again, people criticize Rolex for not being risky enough and not deviating from their main catalogue, but Omega deviates from their catalog all the time and no one really knows a lot about their different watches. People know about the Speedmaster, Seamaster, maybe people know about the Railmaster, but not really.. But because all the obscure reference numbers, people missed some really cool watches throughout the years. To recap, a whole lot of reference numbers. a whole lot of variations a whole lot of movements.. It doesn’t do well for Omega.

Another big difference between Omega and Rolex is that Omega is controlled by Swatch group, and that means Swatch group can control what movements Omega uses, they can control where Omega is allowed to go or not, like for example Omega is not allowed to go to Baselworld, and that’s not good for Omega.

While all these heavy hitters like Rolex, Panerai, Vacheron, and some really high-level companies are showing off their new watches, Omega is not even allowed to be spoken about, because they just won’t go because Swatch group won’t let them go. This is business 101, the worst thing a brand can do for themselves is be obscure and that’s exactly what Swatch group is doing for their brands when they don’t let them show up at Baselworld. The more people see you, the more people talk about you and hopefully the more consumers you will have.

Another interesting thing that Omega did brandwise, is the fact that they kind of always seems to be playing catch-up with Rolex. Some older generations when they think James Bond they think Rolex. In the novels and in the movies James Bond wore either Rolex Explorer or some people say it was a Submariner. Definitely, Sean Connery wears a Rolex Submariner as James Bond but then in the books, it says that it had a numeral bezel so some people say it was an Explorer and some people say it was a Submariner. either way, it was definitely a Rolex sports watch. The younger generations will recall James Bond wearing an Omega Seamaster. We don’t state that the Omega Seamaster is a Rolex wannabe, we just point the fact that the James Bond wears a Rolex before Omega.

One big plus we have to give to Omega is that they subjectively have always made better coronagraphs than Rolex, the only issue is again Omega just made way too many of them. A lot of random reference numbers, random variations instead of sticking with what the customer know and make them good.

To recap Omega is an older company than Rolex but in our opinion they played it a little bit loose. They’ve made way too many reference numbers, they’ve made way too many different kinds of watches. When you think Omega you probably just think Speedmaster. They’ve deviated too much throughout the years. Looks like now they’re doing a better push into cleaning up their catalog, but unfortunately, the damage has been done brand-equity wise. The majority of people when they think of a watch, they think Rolex but they don’t necessarily think Omega, and for that reason, we think Omega is stuck playing catch-up with Rolex.